It’s an Eagle Thing

Welcome to the Sonoita Elementary School District website. We’re honored to offer a unique educational experience at our small, K–8 school in Elgin, Arizona. In our six elementary classrooms and four middle-school classrooms, learning and fun go hand in hand. Elgin students have access to the latest in instructional technology, including iPads, laptops, interactive whiteboards, and more. We also have a STEAM lab with a 3-D printer and robots and a media center with a green screen and virtual reality glasses. In addition to unique academic opportunities, we offer a fun PE program and interscholastic sports. At our school, you will also find dedicated educators who are committed to building supportive relationships with every one of our students.

A Message from Our Superintendent

Dear Elgin Students & Families,

Welcome! It’s a privilege to be your superintendent and school principal. In our safe and caring learning community, we are committed to the development of the whole child. Our mission is to engage all children in the art and work of childhood, to provide them a solid academic foundation, and to have them demonstrate responsible citizenship through an innovative 21st-century curriculum, uniquely designed to meet the needs of all students.

I look forward to communicating with you often to discuss our instructional programs, our standards-based curriculum, and positive behavioral support systems that are in the best interest of each student. Your input is critical to the progress we make with individual students and the success of our school initiatives.

We honor Elgin’s rich traditions of community collaboration and academic achievement. As the instructional leader at Elgin School, I am committed to being available to our students and families. Please feel free to call or meet with me any time for any reason.


Mary Faley

Mary Faley