It’s an Eagle Thing

Welcome to the Sonoita Elementary School District website. We’re honored to offer a unique educational experience at our small, K–8 school in Elgin, Arizona. In our six elementary classrooms and four middle-school classrooms, learning and fun go hand in hand. Elgin students have access to the latest in instructional technology, including iPads, laptops, interactive whiteboards, and more. We also have a STEAM lab with a 3-D printer and robots and a media center with a green screen and virtual reality glasses. In addition to unique academic opportunities, we offer a fun PE program and interscholastic sports. At our school, you will also find dedicated educators who are committed to building supportive relationships with every one of our students.

A Message from Our Superintendent

Dear Elgin Students & Families,

We are excited to be welcoming our Elgin School Families back to school for the 2022-23 school year! At the end of the 2021-22 school year, there were 127 students enrolled. This year we are projecting an enrollment of 142 students. In addition, two new teachers will be joining us this year: Kim Crawford (K) and Kat Greacen (5th). Since our teaching positions are fully staffed for the 2022-23 school year, Anna Coleman will be returning to her position as the art teacher (K-8). You’ll also notice that Regina Padilla is in the front office serving as the business office assistant.

The Elgin School staff highly value the support of our families and of the community. We simply couldn’t do what we do without your support. If you aren’t as involved as you’d like to be, please consider one of the following opportunities:

  1. Substitute Teacher or Para-professional:These are on-call, paid positions. Contact Heidi Gonzales for more information.
  2. Coach/Assistant Coach: Contact Terrell Harper, athletics director.
  3. Parent-Teacher Club (PTC): Our PTC conducts fundraisers throughout the year, then uses those funds to support those “extras” for our students that make their experience at Elgin so special. You can be a member of the PTC or simply volunteer for special events. Contact Callie Mattus.
  4. Site-Based Council (SBC): This group is composed of parents, community members, and staff. The group serves as an advisory board for the superintendent/principal. Contact Melissa Paul for an application.
  5. Library Volunteer: Assist the librarian with keeping the collection organized. Contact Caitlyn Coleman.
  6. Classroom Volunteer: Please reach out to your child’s teacher if you wish to assist in the classroom.
  7. General Volunteers: If you know of someone who would like to volunteer, but doesn’t have a student attending Elgin School, please contact Melissa Paul for a volunteer information.

If you have a special skill or talent that is not listed above, please let me know, and I’d be happy to talk to you about sharing it with our students.


Mary Faley

Mary Faley