It’s an Eagle Thing

Welcome to the Sonoita Elementary School District website. We’re honored to offer a unique educational experience at our small, K–8 school in Elgin, Arizona. In our six elementary classrooms and four middle-school classrooms, learning and fun go hand in hand. Elgin students have access to the latest in instructional technology, including iPads, laptops, interactive whiteboards, and more. We also have a STEAM lab with a 3-D printer and robots and a media center with a green screen and virtual reality glasses. In addition to unique academic opportunities, we offer a fun PE program and interscholastic sports. At our school, you will also find dedicated educators who are committed to building supportive relationships with every one of our students.

Message from Mrs. Faley

As previously announced, after serving as an educator for thirty years, with six of them at Elgin Elementary, I’ll be retiring on June 30 of this year. Like most educators, I became a teacher because I wanted to make a difference in the lives of children.   

In some schools, this is difficult for educators to do, often due to circumstances beyond their control including large class sizes or lack of parent involvement. At Elgin School, we are so fortunate to have a supportive community, engaged parents, small class sizes, and dedicated staff members; everything needed to have a positive impact on the students we serve.   

While there have been challenges over the past six years, including COVID-19, I’ll always be thankful for having had the opportunity to serve as the superintendent/principal of Elgin Elementary. Thank you for entrusting me with your children. It has been a pleasure to watch them grow! 


Mrs. Faley